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I was raised in Wisconsin. And as a Wisconsinite I love everything about the state. But opportunity and life took me away from my home state many years ago. And when shopping in my new city and state or in travels around the USA, I took note of all the state themed items for sale. T-shirts, hats, smart phone cases, coasters, jewelry, you name it. All kinds of stuff offered in the shape of someone's home state.

Then I would see board games with a state theme asking you to answer questions such as, "What is the state nickname?" (WI: The Badger State). "What year did it join the union?" (1848) "What order did it join the union?" (30). "What is the capital city?" (Madison). "What does one call folks from that state?" (see above).

So why not a hat for every state in the union that shows the state logo and also shares the fun facts about your home state!?

I hope you enjoy shopping online with us, representing your home state hat when you purchase. And... wearing it with pride!"

Thanks for shopping at State Pride Caps!

- Rich